HELP! I Can’t Choose What to Do Next!

Despite the delay caused by my decision to meditate on Easter weekend, I am still coming up on the end of my If I Only Had No Heart project.  What’s next?

Well, I hope you can help me out with that by voting for one of the following premises! I have a host of ideas, and if any of them sound like something you’d read, please vote for it in the poll.  The winner will show up on this blog one it’s done. These are presented in no particular order.

Option 1 – The Frozen Preserver

The last, dying humans of Earth launch 800 small pods filled with seeds, tools, a computer, a gestation pod, a cryogenic storage container full of genetically diverse embryos, and exactly one adult into space.  Millions of years later, Jake Daniels awakens to gifts of warm food, fresh water, lovely ladies, and an already burgeoning planet.  His every wish is fulfilled by the people of New Earth, and he has no needs – but something isn’t right.  Jake intends to figure out why he’s the only man left.

This story would be a sci-fi horror tale with a lot of twists heavily reliant upon the science of the book.  Some romantic elements would appear.

Option 2 – The Curse of the Dragon Prince

John, cursed son of the recently dead Woods-witch, sleeps around with Eilidh Pumberton, the blessed princess. When the incensed King sells John to a Xinglese slaver and forces Eilidh into a marriage with a man she’s never met, the starcrossed lovers have to decide whether they give up on their partner – and if they give up on themselves.

This is a sword and sorcery style of fantasy, and – yes – definitely contains at least one dragon.  It would be incredibly long and character driven, which makes for some slow plot progression but is something I’m excited to one day try.  Due to some events, this may be classified as LGBTQ fiction.  If you’re interested, a sample can be found here.

Option 3 – The Man in Wolf’s Clothing

Werewolf hunting is the world’s most popular sport, and Brandon Schroeder has lived off his parents’ sporting fame and fortune for all of his life.  When he is turned into one of the beasts, he must rely on his friends to keep his secret while he hunts for vengeance.  There’s a problem, though: his friends are already busy keeping some secrets of their own.

This alternate-timeline modern fantasy isn’t like a lot of the werewolf or vampire stories you see out there: there’s no romance, immortality isn’t pretty, and humans are most definitely in charge.  This story is mostly complete and I would be able to post it really soon.  I had originally planned it as a rather long series, but I’d just focus on the ‘first,’ standalone installment for now.

Help Me Out!

I would greatly appreciate if you voted on one of these ideas.  I’ve been slowly, slowly working on them simultaneously, and I’m ready to focus on one of them.  I want the one I work on to be the best of the three, and I hope you can help point me in the right direction.

Fill out this quick and easy poll, if you don’t mind:


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