Welcome To the JUNGLE

pexels-photo-145939.jpegThis month, I’ve decided to adopt the theme of animals.  I want to dig into my wild side and examine a very underappreciated genre of books.

Some things you can look forward to this month:

A Focus on the Inhuman

One of the things I love are inhuman characters.  While it’s often enough to just describe the physical attributes of a non-human and be done with it, you can take it a step further and examine the psychological attributes.  I like aliens the best (and we’ll look at that in a later month), but animals are a great way to study the inhuman.  I had already made the decision to focus on animals this month when James Harrington spoke about the subject briefly on his blog, and I encourage you to check that out.

Why?  Everyone knows what a rabbit is.  Everyone has experienced a cat or a mouse, and a reader can readily judge if your character’s mental traits match what they believe about the animal.  We’ll look at how believability matters more than realism, how important research is for non-human characters, and more!  The bigger versions of these articles should come out on Saturdays, and the smaller versions on Thursdays.

Reviews of Animal Books

You can find a more detailed list of books and summaries here, but this month I’m reading the legendary Watership Down, the intriguing Indian tale The Wildings, and the new, anthropomorphic Longtails.  Look forward to these reviews on Tuesdays!

Animal Stories

On Sundays, I respond to a prompt from someone else’s blog.  This month, I’ll add another stipulation: it must be about animals, preferably with an animal narrator or main character.  I may also have a special, more well-edited story coming out on my Saturday ‘big post’ days.  Stay tuned for that!

In doing this, I hope to study how animal psychology should match physiology in writing.Sniffing a Flower

I hope you’re as excited as me!  It’s time to get WILD!


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