7-7-7 Tag – Work-in-Progress Wednesday

E. Kathryn recently tagged me in the 7-7-7 tag.

The rules?  Go to page 7 of your manuscript. Share 7 sentences. Then pass tag 7 other people.

I have a work in progress, though I haven’t mentioned it before now, as well as a host of other books.  I want to start a beta-reading process after I get this edit/rewrite completed.  Since it’s at that stage, though, I haven’t really typeset it to figure out what ‘page 7’ should mean.  I decided to look around 2,000 words in.

In this short selection, the main character has returned to the human warship, Victurus, after acquiring promise of fuel delivery from a merchant.  Lieutenant Commander Purgux speaks here about the fuel merchant.

“You have to show these Tronderians who’s boss.  They may be big, but they crumble under firm pressure.”

I glared at Purgux.  “That’s racist.”

“No, that’s business.  The IESU won’t give us bootstrapped races a fair shake, so we make our deals for ourselves.”  He shook a finger towards the letter he had just dropped onto my desk.

For now, I’ll leave you wondering more about the story.  I intend to make more posts concerning it in the near future, and you can follow my new blog on Tumblr if you want to hear more about the novel and it’s progress.

Betta Reading

7 people to tag?  Goodness, that’s rough!  I love filling out forms and answering survey questions, but I feel almost ashamed of taking advantage of chain mail like this.  I don’t want anyone to participate who doesn’t want to.  I do encourage anyone who reads to check out these awesome bloggers!

Rebecca Alasdair – I know she has a WIP with an intriguing magic system/source called ‘Grace’

Danielle Summers – If she doesn’t have a WIP, I know she has plenty of recently written books to choose from

William Mangieri – His WIP, Swordmaster, has me intrigued

Joanne the Geek – She has a WIP or manuscript on her blog, and I have a feeling that’s not all she’s up to

Wolf Moisan – Definitely has a lot of work coming up, and is posting a story on the blog

Samantha James – Posting her Dragon trilogy right now

Maisy – I’m certain she has a pile of good stuff to choose from, if she wants to participate



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