Announcing a Beta Read Opportunity

The Mercury Dimension

“Murder isn’t becoming of aliens.  That is why we must be Death now.”

For a limited time, I invite you to peer through The Mercury Dimension to a plane where humanity wields the vilest of talents.  Beta reading sign-ups are going on now and will continue until the end of June.

Unsure of whether The Mercury Dimension is worth your time?  Read the summary below!

The Sovereigns of Tsanur, a wealthy race of tree-like people, want their colony at Beta Seven Sarix destroyed and its memory erased.  In return for conducting genocide, the Sovereigns promise the humans what they want the most: revenge against the Shadows, the race that long ago attempted to poison humanity in its interstellar cradle.

In answer to the Sovereigns’ call, the Admiralty sends the warship Victurus along with its shapeshifting Commander, the verminous alien Russus.  Upon her arrival at the planet, Commander Russus finds no reason to exterminate the Sarixians, and she questions the intent and value of the Sovereigns’ deal.  With no authorization to participate in diplomacy and the offer of the Shadows dangling in front of her, she has an uphill battle if she wants to convince the Admirals and the governments of Earth to refuse the Sovereigns’ deal.

Words of encouragement from my Alpha-Readers:

I definitely binge-read this. That is my tendency, but I will take breaks on books if they’re not good.  I didn’t want to take a break from this!

— Meg

It reminded me of classic science fiction, like Asimov or Clarke, but it had a lot of interesting, new pieces, too.

— Brian

I look forward to hearing from you!  Remember, sign ups are here.

The image is based off the ESA/NASA Hubble Telescope’s Return to the Carina Nebula.  If published, I expect a different cover – this one is mostly to advertise the Beta Read.

3 thoughts on “Announcing a Beta Read Opportunity

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Beta reading is reading before publication, kind of like ‘cheap or free opinions’ that can help the author decide how they want to change their work or improve it. Because professional editing is expensive, I want to use beta reading as a way to get another self-edit in before hiring that person. Hopefully this will cut down on wasted time by them and serve to improve the work.

      Alpha reading is when someone reads your rough, unedited copy. I had alpha readers this time because I wanted to know if this book was the one I should push forward with. I had encouraging results, so I decided to give it a whirl. My goal is to submit to a traditional publisher by the end of 2018, but if beta reading goes poorly, I’m willing to push it back and wait for the right story.

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