The Zookeepers

On Sundays, I respond to prompts I find on other blogs.  Though it wasn’t a prompt in the usual sense, I found this post from Muse in Pocket, Pen in Hand to be thoroughly fascinating.  I hope the stories promised on that blog are excellent, just as I hope you enjoy this flash fiction.  I hereby conclude my month of animal stories with the most potent animal of them all – humans.

Narrash squinted at the faraway zoo, adjusting its telescope to see through the cloud cover.  “A bit stormy on the planet today, Verrant.”

Verrant nodded.  “It’s thoroughly out of the ordinary.  Something must be going wrong.”  With a couple swishes of its plumbiuns, Verrant examined the sanctuary.  “Hmm… runaway chemical reactions, rising global temperatures, massive levels of toxins, and… radiation?  This is a relatively new captive space, one wouldn’t expect to see this for millions of years!”

Narrash nodded and put away its scope.  “I think we should just give up trying to capture this species.  It’s obvious they just shit all over their planet until nothing can live there ever again.”

“But they’re so cute.  Their little eyes, their little noses, their baldness save for the patch on the top of their heads!”

“You want to open this exhibit to the public?  You want to commit to being zookeepers for this craphole?”  Narrash booted up the engines.  “If you want to do that, do it with a different partner.  I’m giving up on the humans.”

Verrant slurtened and shifted the computer’s specs.  “We gave them everything they needed at the outset, so it’s possible they can clean their mess up.  Maybe I’ll check on the in a few centuries.  Just to see if they survived.”

“You do that.”

The ship turned around and blopeeted into deep space.


The Hurrith Planetary Enclosure Company was sued soon after for neglect in the care of its charges.  Several cages were found to lack basic needs, and the abusive relationship between keeper and charge went unreported for millennia.  All those who read this missive can claim their piece of the settlement by calling the law offices of Herrngutturtengeim today. 

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