Sunshine Bloggers Tag

Hannaconda at the Random Blog was nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers Award.  She tagged/nominated me, for which I am ever grateful, but I think I’d rather not continue the pyramid scheme for now.

Instead, I’m going to answer her questions!

1. What hobbies do you have?

Writing happens to be the big one.  I am an engineer during the day.  I also really love Dungeons and Dragons.

2. Worst book you have ever read? (Throw into the sun horrible)

This one.  I think Hannah J. Russel and I share similar feelings about religious writing – if it’s stuffing bullshit down your throat and talking down at people who don’t agree, it’s a piece of garbage.

Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood by Piper and Grudem is not only degrading to both men and women, but Christians and non-Christians who don’t agree with their worldview about gender roles.  It’s got such a focused lens that doesn’t take historical context of biblical passages into account.  It’s just… it’s just the worst exegesis of gender EVER.

3. Do you write? And if so what do you write?

The Mercury DimensionI do write!  I usually write fantasy or science fiction, and my most recent major work is a science fiction tale that has a very classic feel.  I am in a beta reading phase now, if you want to check out The Mercury Dimension.

4. What three things would you take to a deserted island?

A box of 24-hour MREs

As much drinking water as possible

Sattelite phone with a fully charged battery

5. If you read how do you choose what to pick up next?

I like to get suggestions from people, but that’s not always feasible.  I tend to read some of the stuff that I see bloggers advertise.  Recently I’ve realized that I haven’t read many classics, so I’m trying to read a few of those to edify myself.

6. Fishes or Snakes? (Either to eat or in general)

I’m pescatarian, so definitely fish for eating.  In general too, because my mom was so afraid of snakes that I think it rubbed off on me a wee bit.

7. What country would you visit if you had no restrictions?


I honestly have a bucket list goal of seeing Rod Stewart in concert, and that probably means a Vegas trip to see him at Caesar’s palace before he dies.  Good luck to me getting off work long enough to do that.

But for reals, I want to go to England sometime – that’s like tourism lite for English-speaking Americans, I think.  I’d also like to go to China (see last question), but the air pollution there makes me wary.

8. Favourite genre of books you pick up?

Sci-fi or fantasy.  I like sci-fi better, but I know enough about science that badly done sci-fi can drive me nuts.  Frank Herbert, author of Dune, is a piece of garbage sci-fi writer in my opinion.

9. New or used books?

I don’t care.

10. What got you into blogging?

I mentioned in an earlier post that I originally did this blog so my mom could come to the website and see what I wrote.  I didn’t try to meet people or use the blog collaboratively for YEARS, thinking my mom was my only reader.

Well, I found out in January (2018) that she only ever read 1 short story of mine, and that wasn’t on the blog.  She didn’t really have time to bother with my stories, and it burst a bubble in me.  I decided to blog harder and seek out internet friends.  It’s been rewarding, but also… strangely hard?

11. What languages do you speak.

English and 我说有一点中文。我在大学学习中文,可是我说很慢.

The rules of the Sunshine Bloggers Award includes tagging 8-11 people; while I think I know enough people who I could tag, something about that makes the ‘award’ feel less important.  However, if you’d like to be tagged/nominated, leave a comment and I’ll amend this post to include you.

Happy Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Sunshine Bloggers Tag

      • Marnie says:

        No, you nailed it! You are going to get off that island! I think I was expecting a silly answer, not an actual answer. It just hit me the right way to make me giggle lol!

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