Smart Home

HAL 9000Master Ellen left me in my own devices every morning, heading off to work while I – her Smart Home – tended to her domestic needs.  She returned every evening with a smile and a ‘thank you.’

A man, I’ll call him ‘Asshole,’ showed up at me with a bouquet.  She let him in with his dirty shoes every time he arrived with flowers.

My gardening protocols kicked into overdrive.  I grew flowers and made arrangements, leaving them at my door.  She cared for my creations.

Eventually, Asshole returned.  “Thank you for all the bouquets!”

He stepped back.  “It wasn’t me.”


Thank you to Charli Mills of the Carrot Ranch for the prompt that inspired this flash.  The picture is of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, a similarly nosy house computer.  


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