Recycling Babies

Dragonition writing prompt.jpg

An old Chevor Model android, Verily43, hobbled with a cane through the factory.  It opened its olfactory nozzles and drew in an air sample, analyzing it with an internal mass spectrometer.  “It smells amazing in here already.”

“First batch is nearly done.  You’re noticing the burning and release of volatile organic compounds that remind us all of the ‘new android smell.'” The human, a bit of a grin on her face, pointed to the assembly line and one of the new androids coming off.  “This facility is unlike any other assembly center – and you can be an important part, Verily43.”

Verily43 moved its hip actuators, noticing the inefficiencies and signs of wear in the bearings.  Its hands were stiff.  Worse, no parts currently available would match its flagging pieces, and factory support had ended for the Chevor Models.  The joints would continue to degrade until they were unusable or Verily43’s CPU failed.

The androids, freshly pressed and molded and forged in the first Recycling Plant, were of the latest model.  System support could be expected for decades.

Verily43 nodded and shot a ballpoint out its right pointer finger.  “This is the closest I can get to being immortal.”

The human took out her pad of paper, allowing Verily43 to promise its body upon death or surrender.  “Thank you, Verily.  We’ll send out a robot to fetch you when you’re ready to end it all.”

Verily43 retracted its pen once the signature graced the page.


On Sundays, I respond to a prompt I find on the internet.  This week, I chose the Dragonition Image Writing Prompt #212.  However, I need to acknowledge inspiration from a stranger source – Shi the Music Critic.  She once made a post somewhere about what happens when androids become obsolete, and I’ve been fascinated by the concept ever since.  I encourage you to check out her monthly playlists if you like discovering new music. 

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