Things I’m Reading During… JULY

I had only two real options for July: one was unabashed, outlandish patriotism, and the other was time travel.  Well, I have wanted to read the classic choice for a while, so I went with time travel.

bold strategy

The Classic: The Time Machine – H.G. Wells

timemachinebookI haven’t read this classic, though I have seen the Wishbone.  I’m excited to see how some of the oldest science fiction stacks up.  Honestly, I don’t have very high hopes, but that’s perfectly fine.  Maybe we’ll get a pleasant surprise!

The Lesser Known: Timebound – Rysa Walker

TimeboundI was looking for a nice indie book, but there’s just too much Scottish Time Travel Sex books to sift through.  This book had been an indie book at one time, so I’m going to count it.  Also, the author lives in North Carolina, which gives her serious points to her credit (though Wiki says she lives in Cary, known colloquially as the ‘Centralized Area for Relocated Yankees’).

It looks to have an interesting plot, and I’m betting on some steampunk feel just based off the cover design.

The Popular: The Time Traveler’s Wife –

Time Traveler's WifeThis was available at my library as an audiobook.  I’ve never tried an audiobook before, so that will be an interesting experience to boot.

Also a new experience… I’ve never read a romance novel before.  I’ve not even read Romeo and Juliet (my high school was weird, stop judging).  I’ve read novels with romantic side plots, but nothing where it’s a major portion or primary storyline.  I chose this book because it’s popular, but I’m kind of wary that I don’t read romance for a reason.  We’ll find out!

The Leftovers: Something from YOU?

I love beta reading.  If you have something you’d like me to beta read, shoot me a line.  I’ll almost definitely purchase a copy of your book when it comes out (caveat is if it’s too sketchy a download or payment method), and I’ll definitely put a plug on this wee little blog for you.

Do you have a published book and a method of purchasing it that isn’t sketch as hell?  Post a link in the comments!  If I think it looks cool, I’ll put it on my list of books to consider reviewing for next month.

One of my primary goals is to support indie authors who are serious about their craft.  I hope to hear from you published and self-published writers soon!

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