Another Pesky 20 Questions Answered

I was tagged by the indomitable Tom Darby.

  1. List 10 people [alive or dead] you would invite to dinner?  This is hard.  Assumptions I make to answer this: A) They know the language(s) they know or knew in life, as well as the same sensibilities and beliefs B) They’ll potentially be more interested in each other than in me, and it may be pointless to get people to a dinner with the idea of hanging out with them C) No one, including myself, is allowed to be armed; attempt at another’s life will be ill fated, so I can’t do things like “Hitler and a bomb.”
    1. Steve1989
    2-4. Karl and Bertha Benz and a person to translate German for us
    5. Richard Adams
    6. Hillary Clinton
    7. John McCain
    8. Maud Menten
    9-10. Apostle Paul and a person to translate (I personally think choosing Jesus is a cheap answer for these questions, just fyi)
  2. What are your goals to be achieved in the month of July 2018?
    Pay for the damn car I just bought
  3. What is your earliest memory?
    I remember pretending to read underneath a willow tree.
  4. What are your views on mainstream music?
  5. Where would you like to be in seven-years time?
    I want to make drugs.  The legal kind of pharmaceuticals, though, not the illegal kind. I wouldn’t mind if I’d published something by then.
  6. Button fly or zipper?
    I think this must be something people older than me get, because I’ve never tried a button fly.  So I’ll go with zipper.
  7. Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz?
    *stealthily looks up both*
    I like landscapes better, so I’d say Adams – but during my brief foray and research, I must say that Leibovitz had some amazing shots.  I’m not much of a visual art critic, so when I am able to tell that an artist is fantastic, I tend to be shocked by the good work.  This was a really cool question and I learned a lot.
  8. What are your favorite comfort foods?
    I’ve been pescatarian for a while, and I don’t think I’ve come up with a pescatarian comfort food.  Before the spouse and I gave up beef, though, I liked my mom’s beef stew.
  9. What animals would you like to have as a pet?
  10. City or countryside?
    I think they both have their benefits.  I think I’m an explicitly suburban person now, but I grew up in the country and have lived in the city before.  I like suburbia the best, but I’d have to say I’d go back to living in the country before I live downtown again.
  11. Five things about society that annoy you?
    How people screw other people over for money, how there’s no easy fix to any systemic problem, sports (all of them), human trafficking/slavery, the inevitability of overpopulation.
  12. How important is creativity to people?
    It’s not currently monetarily valued, so probably not very.  I don’t think it’s an essential element to being human.
  13. Do you have any siblings?
    One younger brother.
  14. Which three questions will you be deleting to add your own in and what are they?
    5. What’s a food you haven’t tried yet but would like to? 15. What’s your dream car? 16. Have you ever written a book?  If not, do you have an idea for a book?
  15. Your favorite childhood movie?
    The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark was my favorite a long time until I saw Flight of the Phoenix.  I still wonder if I should have been an aerospace engineer, then I remember how demand for American aerospace engineers is really subject to high fluctuation.
  16. What traits do you display when nervous?
    I think other people have told me I purse my lips weirdly
  17. Are you healthy eater?
    I feel like I’m either stupid healthy or living off candy, so… probably not, in the long run?
  18. Bullet point your day so far:
    (Written on July 7th 2018)
    Woke up
    Walked the dog
    Bought a car
    Ate sushi
    Came home
    Walked the dog
    Did this thing
  19. What are your five most favorite scents/smells?
    E. coli cultures
    Yeast Cultures
    Partial to beta mercaptoethanol, but it took a while to get there
    The fresh mud smell just after an afternoon thunderstorm
  20. The three bloggers you are nominating are?  I did a lot of nominating last week, and I don’t think I want to press it this week.

3 thoughts on “Another Pesky 20 Questions Answered

  1. Marnie says:

    Okay, so I can sort of imagine what yeast cultures would smell like, but I have no idea about the E. coli. I’m going to have to do some googling for sure.

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