Popular Book Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife

I’ve never read a romance before.  I’ve never listened to an audiobook (at least not one that I can remember – my mom claims I listened to some when I was really little).  This was available for digital download/checkout at my library, and I thought it was worth a shot killing two birds with one stone.  It also had a sci-fi premise, so how bad could it be?

The Book

The Time Traveller’s Wife Time Traveler's Wife
Author: Audrey Niffenegger
I listened to the version narrated by Fred Berman and Phoebe Strole
Book: 2003 Narration: 2011
Amazon Link (book, not audiobook)

I didn’t really look forward to this book, but I wasn’t nearly as scared of it as I should have been.  I regret everything.

Non-Spoiler Review

I think this book was very much not for me.  Every minute I spent listening to this audiobook, I kept asking myself if I was falling victim to the sunk cost fallacy.  When it was read right on the heels of another book I didn’t like, this was excruciating to do.

I think I need my books to have a plot if I’m going to enjoy them.  This book basically had no plot at all – it was entirely character driven through and through.  The characters were likeable (well, Henry was likeable after he first met Claire), and I assume that if you’re into reading romance, you might like that.

While I’m at it, I’ll go ahead and say it – I can’t take books that use the word ‘cock’ so often very seriously.  Or nipples, honestly.  This book was dripping with sexual tension and words, and that just removed from the development of… well, anything, in my opinion.  Romance isn’t something I’ll be digging into again anytime soon.

1/5 Discoball Snowcones

1 Discoball Snowcones


There was no plot, but I kind of spoiled that above.  There were three sections in the book I wanted to talk about, though.

First was an early scene where the time-traveling male love interest, Henry, travels such that there are two teenage versions of himself in the same room.  He evidently started sucking himself off or something else involved, and his dad walked into the room.  The scene turned out to be an elaborate way to show that the universe had no free will, but… WAT.  WAT.  Henry claimed not to be gay, and I guess I can buy that, but… the dad walking in?  That had to be how you proved there was no free will?  Da fuq.

Second, Henry time traveled and met a young Claire quite a few times.  Near the end of the book, he time travels to her 18th birthday and gives her the gift of taking her virginity.  My problem?  HE WAS 41 AT THE TIME.  I couldn’t take it – that was way worse than anything else I’d read in the book.  I skipped what seemed to be ages of descriptive sex scene, and the whole thing was paraded as sweet, inevitable, and loving by the narrators’ tones.  Guys… if I ever become a serial killer, it’ll be because I’m murdering pedophiles.

Lastly, I’ll go ahead and say the very, very end of the book worked out well.  There was added tension when Henry knew he was close to dying, when he knew it was only a matter of a few more trips through time, and I liked that Claire’s brother murdered him.  He also had no feet by then, and that was weird but ok.

Next week:

Next week, we’ll have a nice roundup.  Think you have a story with time traveling involved?  Tag me, leave a link in the comments, or PM me so I can share it next week!

5 thoughts on “Popular Book Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Haha. It’s so popular that I can’t help but think I’m just not the right audience for this. At the same time, I can’t think of anyone I know who I’d suggest this to.

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