Roundup For July 2018

I usually post about books I read on Tuesdays, but this month I have a bonus Tuesday to write on.  On bonus Tuesdays I include some of my favorite posts and stories throughout the month, especially as they relate to my theme.  Since time travel is a bit hard to find, I’m going to be a bit eclectic this time.

Time Travel Relevant – THE SCIENCE BEHIND TIME TRAVEL by Voidroid

I’ve looked up quite a bit about time travel this month, and on July 15th I was surprised and thrilled to find that Voidroid had a pretty good, succinct explanation of time travel theory (With pictures!).  It was their first post, and I’m following them to see where they take the blog.  I expect it to be filled with pop science, and that could be great inspiration for me as a sci-fi writer.

Time Travel Relevant – Don’t Shoot Me in the Head by M. Talmage Moorehead

This story had a really interesting, weird way of foretelling the future.  When Mr. Moorehead gets a sci-fi concept going, it’s always really in-depth and psychologically interesting.  His first-person narrators are extremely personable, and the one in this story is no exception.  You really get to feel like the character is talking to you, not just blathering about in some invisible diary.

This story also had that cringe of the uncanny about it that I love so much.

All About Scrivener by Natalya Edwards

imageI’ve been curious about Scrivener for a while, but most of what I’ve seen online made it seem unnecessary for my needs.  Seeing Natalya’s opinions on it and a couple screen shots made me much more aware of the benefits of Scrivener as compared with other software options.  The way she framed the story as a personal search also made it relatable and approachable.  If you’ve ever considered Scrivener, take a look at this post.

The Smartest Woman on Earth by Tom Darby

I’m really glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this one, or I would have spilled it.  It’s political, but I swear to you that it doesn’t matter what side of American politics you’re on – you’re going to laugh and feel pain all at once.  This might be my favorite thing I’ve read this month.



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