Catch It Soon – Fire’s Hope by E. Kathryn

Fire's Hope

About the same time I got serious about blogging, I started beta reading a book for the indomitable E. Kathryn!  After several months of waiting and holding back on y’all, I’m proud to say that her labor of love has borne fruit.  Check out the snazzy cover she made!

The book releases in November, but I’m just so excited to see how this process is coming together.  I’ll be getting a copy myself, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be posting a review here on this site!  Stay tuned for that when it gets closer to the release date!

For those who may be interested, E. Kathryn’s The Shadows series is a collection of YA tales starting with the explosive Fire’s Hope.  You’ll love how much care was put into each of the characters, and you’ll leave this book feeling satisfied while still hungry for the next installation!

(Full disclosure: I did beta read this book, and I’m super pumped to see something I helped work on come to full fruition!  Can you trust my review?  DOES IT MATTER?!  Take a look at her blog and twitter feed so you can get on the hype train too!)

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