Mystery Challenge #4 – Solving Mysteries of the Universe

I’m going to do all of the raynotbradbury Mystery Challenges this week!  The fourth and final challenge was to solve various mysteries of the universe.  Sure, I took a little over a week to get all these posts out, but hopefully no one will sue me.


  1. When is the end of time?
    The Bible said only the father knows the hour or the time, and that we can’t predict it.  However, I think there is a finite point where God’s got to get his work done by.  The second law of thermodynamics states that disorder must always increase, and it turns out that disorder means energy turns into useless heat.  One way or another, the world will burn in a fiery, apocalyptic blaze. So, it could be 8 minutes (thermonuclear war), 80 years (global warming), or 80 bajillion years (heat death of the universe).  Those are my predictions.
  2. What will mankind become? 
    Precluding the end of time beating us to it, our genes are destined to mutate into whatever is best for our overall survival.  We’ll eventually realize that paleo diets are for literal cavemen, that evolution doesn’t stop just because we got technology, and then we’ll probably accept that we’re lazy little shits.
  3. Who let the dogs out? 
    The famous Baja Men song asks the question we all need the answer to.  The answer is, of course, cave dwellers.  At one point, thousands of years ago, someone decided, “Hey, see that wolf thing that eats our children?  There’s one that gets closer to camp than the rest, so I think I’m going to pet it and train it to do stuff for me.  Then I’m going to make it have sex with other wolves I like until it gets a squashed face and can’t breathe.”  That asshole opened up the Williams-Syndrome-like genes in our dogs.  You can thank him or her for letting the dogs out.


9 thoughts on “Mystery Challenge #4 – Solving Mysteries of the Universe

  1. raynotbradbury says:

    Reblogged this on raynotbradbury and commented:
    Would you like to know how to access the bank account of Donald Trump, the bra size of your hot neighbour Alice, or how to bend the space and jump to the Mars? Too bad! This post will not give you any of those answers. But it will give you something else…check it out! 😂😂

  2. disciplesoftruth7 says:

    Interesting read! Unfortunately, I disagree with you when you state that God has a timeline. Science was created by God and thus, doesn’t dictate how or when He should work. Also, God is outside of time and space as we are familiar with, therefore His “timing” would be perfect in our sense of when the Earth will be destroyed. The Book of Revelation goes into detail about the End Times – global warming, asteroids and the like are not going to be how we go! Just some food for thought! 🙂

  3. authorwilliammangieri says:

    So, I’ll show my naievity (and laziness in not bothering to check) and admit that I don’t know anything about the Bradbury Challenge, including whether Bradbury had anything to do with it (although the dogs might have given that away). Humorous, at least.
    Whether you will be sued should be dependent on the SLA in your contract (this is not true legal advice, and nowadays people will sue about anything and everything.)
    Good luck!

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