September Reading List

Last month, I dove into a few space-opera, alien books.

This month, I’m taking a peek into the massive Vorkosigan series at the behest of my best friend, then checked out Rendezvous With Rama because the spouse owns the sequels (but not the first book).  Buckle up for more high-space adventure!

A Classic: Shards of Honor – Lois McMaster Bujuold

Shards of HonorThough it was released simultaneously with some of the Miles books, I thought it reasonable to start reading The Vorkosigan Saga with the book about his parents.  My best friend really likes the Vorkosigan books, and I haven’t been led astray by these suggestions before.

Also, I saw Barrayar at the library, noted how highly awarded it was, and didn’t think I could get away without reading the book that is set chronologically just before it.  When my friend knew I was going to read Barrayar, it soon became apparent that skipping Shards of Honor was anathema.

Another Classic: Barrayar – Lois McMaster Bujold

krilo1qI saw this at the library and remembered some vague suggestion from my friend about some silly ‘McMaster’ author.  I looked it up on my phone, saw that it was very well received by critics, and checked it out.  Look at it – there’s spaceships and the lady is holding a fucking space javelin.  I decided pretty quickly that I’d try this one, since it was actually pretty hard to determine where to start the Vorkosigan Saga.

One Last Classic: Rendezvous With Rama – Arthur C. Clarke

Rendezvous with RamaI recently bought a house (by recently I mean a year ago), and have been slowly unpacking our books and putting them on the shelf since then.  I noticed Garden of Rama when I was pulling out some of them.  I asked if it was any good, and the response was, “No, but the first book in the series was amazing.  I don’t own it.”

So I found it at the library and decided to put it on my list.

The Leftovers: Something from YOU?

I love beta reading.  If you have something you’d like me to beta read, shoot me a line.  I’ll almost definitely purchase a copy of your book when it comes out (caveat is if it’s too sketchy a download or payment method), and I’ll definitely put a plug on this wee little blog for you.

Do you have a published book and a method of purchasing it that isn’t sketch as hell?  Post a link in the comments!  If I think it looks cool, I’ll put it on my list of books to consider reviewing for next month.

One of my primary goals is to support indie authors who are serious about their craft.  I hope to hear from you published and self-published writers soon!

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6 thoughts on “September Reading List

  1. booksofb says:

    I think you’ll really like the Votkisigan books – they’re some of my all time favorites. I have the two most recent entries just waiting to be read – someday.



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