carefree cheerful child daisies

The little girl surveyed her dress and scratched at the crinoline lining.  “Why am I dressed up?” she asked.

Dr. Roberts crouched and poked his daughter on the shoulder.  “Today is graduation day.  It means you’re growing up.  You want to dress up nice for graduation, yes?”

“I sure do – thank you, Daddy, for this fancy dress!”  She twirled in her sequined skirt, the gems catching the light.

Dr. Roberts reached out a hand and led the kindergarten graduate to the station for the ride to school.  He smiled, the glisten of his teeth outshining the sequins’ prideful sparkle.


This was written long ago for a carrot ranch prompt.  I was pretty embarrassed by it, so I held off.  As a result, I find it perfect for a random Wednesday post, and I hope you enjoy it.

Read it a second time with the knowledge that the little girl was supposed to be a robot. 

10 thoughts on “Glisten

  1. Charli Mills says:

    What struck me the first time I read your flash, was the tug between spoken parental pride and what could become a lifetime of high expectations. The glistening teeth outshining playful sequins set the tone for perfection. It’s a great flash!

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