The Mercury Dimension – Short Pitches

The Mercury DimensionThursday the 6th was PitMad day on Twitter, which means unagented authors everywhere showed off their chops in 280 characters or less.  I joined in with one tweet, just so I wouldn’t be entirely left out. Even so, I don’t have many friends on Twitter and didn’t go in expecting much.

Inspired by Lorraine Amber’s post from a few months ago, I thought I’d ask you which (if any!) of these piques your interest.  Let me know in the comments!  I might try to do the pitch party in December, so it’s time to polish my sales skills.

Did you do a pitch tweet?  Do you have a book you plan on querying soon?  I’d love to do a query trade with you!

Pitch 1

The humans send Commander Russus to destroy an innocent race as part of a deal to gain vital information about their enemy. Can she convince the humans to accept mediocrity in the interstellar community, especially when she isn’t even human herself?

Pitch 2

Though a shapeshifting alien, Commander Russus is no stranger to humanity. She willingly destroys planets and races for them.

Now her admirals demand she slaughter innocents. Can she change her orders, or will she sacrifice her career to save her victims?

Pitch 3

They call Russus ‘shapeshifting vermin,’ but her loyalty to the most murderous of races – humans – has never wavered. Now they command her to slaughter a planet of innocents. Can she win a fight against her orders, or must she betray her loved ones?

Pitch 4

Commander Russus is sent to seal a deal her admirals made with the tree-like aliens from Tsanur.  When she discovers the Tsanurians want her to save their slaving operations, she disobeys.  Can she find enough evidence of the Tsanurians’ evil to save her career?

Pitch 5 (The one I Tweeted)

Russus risks her commission as the only alien aboard a human mercenary ship when she defies her admirals’ orders to destroy a planet of innocents. Can she fight through treachery, poisonings, and racism to rescue an entire species from oblivion?

Let me know what you think!  While I think The Mercury Dimension (TMD) is the best thing I’ve ever written, it won’t be too long before I reveal my next major project and TMD will fall to the wayside on this blog.

Did you have a #pitmad submission on Twitter?  Give me a link or a follow – I’d love to check out what you’re putting out into the world!

12 thoughts on “The Mercury Dimension – Short Pitches

  1. joanne the geek says:

    I found you on Twitter 🙂 My Twitter page is completely different from my blog really. It’s mostly me retweeting art I like.

    The pitch you sent was probably the best one, though I liked the first two as well.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Oooh, new Twitter friends! On my twitter, I usually just comment random crap.

      I do think the one I chose contained the most information about the book! So it’s great to know that I’m on the right track.

  2. booksofb says:

    I do prefer the pitch you selected. It’s both intriguing and balanced. First time I’ve ever heard of PitMad. Would love to actually have something to submit someday. 😀



    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Thanks, Brian!

      I do think the PitMad stuff has a really low activation energy, and it’s not too risky to put your stuff out there in the format. The problem is that it really depends on the important people seeing your things, and being popular on the internet is a huge help. So it’s a little broken, but not terribly so.

  3. Alexander Elliott says:

    Pitch 5 was good, but I actually preferred #3! I don’t use Twitter so I am probably not the best judge of what people might be looking for. Is the book complete and ready to shop around? Hope you land a book deal soon!

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      It is finished, and I’ve shipped it to what I hope is the last edit before I try actual querying.

      From what I can tell on Twitter, the book needs to be a bit more ‘pop’ than what I can provide. While I believe The Mercury Dimension is a good book, it may not be in tune with the zeitgeist. I may be terrible at querying or pitching. Either way, beta reads have come back very good except for one, and I’ve tried to take those comments very seriously. I’m hoping the beta reading I’ve done will make the editor’s job easier and, thus, cheaper.

      • Alexander Elliott says:

        The good news is that if you land a publisher, they should provide the pitching and marketing guru’s you need going forward. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply WRITE and forget all the other stuff?

      • H.R.R. Gorman says:

        That’s the goal! I think I told you earlier that if I have to do my own marketing, I might as well not publish at all. Begging money out of people (or even just trying to convince people my stuff is good) is one of my least favorite things.

      • Alexander Elliott says:

        I’ve read most writers are introverts and really dislike the whole “market yourself” thing. I love getting reader feedback, but the thought of personally pitching my book or doing interviews etc. gives me hives! There are probably very few writers who can manage the whole package of things needed to be a successful author. Not sure there is any solution except to write because it brings you pleasure, and if fame and fortune follow, all the better!

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