Woolly Worm – Haiku


brown stripes on black shades

woolly worm writhes across log

predicting future


When I was growing up, we’d escape the teachers and run out into the cornfields.  We’d find woolly worms and race them – the winner would, supposedly, determine how difficult the upcoming winner would be.  In fact, North Carolina has the Woolly Worm Festival – a weird little event where even more woolly worms are raced.   I used Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday with “Creepy and Color” to celebrate this animal in the larval stage.  I may have change ‘creepy’ to ‘creep,’ but I liked the poem I came up with anyway.  

I couldn’t find a free image, so I will cite the Woolly Worm Festival’s 2015 winner.  The more black rings, the worse winter will be; the more red-brown rings, the easier winter will go. 

10 thoughts on “Woolly Worm – Haiku

  1. Tom Darby says:

    I love the poem. What I like is the story of the school escapees. You should write about that. I enjoy ‘life events’ like these. I think you are only tapping the surface of what you have to share with the world, my friend!

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