Today, I’m encouraging you to vote.  Even if you don’t agree with me politically, I want to at least make you think.  I also wt to complain openly about some North Carolina specific stuff, and you may find that fun, too.

Climate Change

daylight environment forest green

Right now, this is the biggest issue on my plate.  Economic prosperity, military might, and even human rights don’t mean anything if the world doesn’t exist.  If there is even a slight chance (and I don’t believe it ‘slight’) that climate change could destroy Earth, the only living planet we know of and have access to, then I think it completely unreasonable to heed these concerns.

To this end, I look at who I vote for with environmentalism in mind.  And I fucking hate that.  I find myself sometimes torn between a complete dipshit who cares about the environment, or someone reasonable who doesn’t.

And I will choose the person who cares about the environment.

I think it’s that important right now.  If we don’t start caring soon, now, it’s just too late.  My family giving up meat, getting an electric car, and going for solar panels isn’t going to mean shit if corporate interests don’t change.  We hope that, by using our money to buy environmentally sound things, we can add to consumer demand – but it’s not going to be enough.

North Carolina – Gerrymander It UP

North Carolina is SUPER Gerrymandered, and I can 100% guarantee you that our situation is going to be lumped into a greater Supreme Court case with other (arguably) lesser Gerrymandering cases.  Look at how cleverly they split up the two major metropolitan areas – numbers 4/2 and 12, most notably.


This map was made by the NC General Assembly, which is already made up of people elected from Gerrymandered local districts.  They made it by looking at 2016 voting data and splitting it to give the Republicans an edge.

“What do you have against Republicans?” you may ask.  Well, you know, I’d find it shitty if the Dems pulled this same crap – and I genuinely don’t like how it’s possible that the supreme court may OK drawing political boundaries based on partisan lines intended to be partisan.  I think that’s garbage.  But it makes voting harder, because you know you’re going to lose no matter what.

Slew of State Constitutional Amendments Up for Vote

In case you couldn’t already tell, North Carolina politics are a brand of crazy you just don’t see everywhere.  Maybe Michigan – they look pretty fucked too, really.  Anyway, the powers that be are offering amendments that, while some of them sound good or ok, others are deceptively power-hungry.  It’s just so weird.

If there’s anything more important than the US House elections for me this year, it’s these amendments.  I had to think about them, but they’re all important and probably affect my life more than any single congressional term.

So check out your own state and district’s (or country’s!) next sample ballots.  Look at those ‘lesser’ races and figure out what each position does and what matters for a candidate.  Ballot measures are also very important, so look those up!

Please, go vote!

9 thoughts on “Vote!

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    If what Fandango posted about yesterday with Ted Cruz, it won’t matter if people go vote or note…the machine will report Republican votes. It’s ridiculous what is going on in our elections lately. It took me five years of trying to register to vote in my area because I am an independent.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      😦 Well, I hope you can eventually get that worked out! It is said that NC makes it very hard to get registered, so I wouldn’t doubt others have difficulties. You can usually use online tools to check your registration!

  2. Liz H says:

    Our state (Minnesota) makes it very easy to absentee vote–walk in, take the ballot, fill it out, and hand it to the officiant. Took me all of 15 mins & I fill in the entire sheet.
    Done last week–wish I could so easily opt out of the damn political commercials.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Unfortunately, the term ‘partieS’ in North Carolina doesn’t matter much. There’s pretty much only the Republicans.

      However, the Democratic governor and what Democrats there are in the state and some municipal governments lean more environmentally friendly. It’s just there’s no real teeth to anything they say. For instance, the Republicans just passed a crazy law in NC that allows people to hunt *in cities and towns.* It has no efforts at conservation, but it will allow them to claim that they care about the environment because of the traditional link between hunters and animal conservation.

      • Sophia Ismaa says:

        It seems like neither parties offer clear and demonstrable interest in the environment and Republicans have a warped sense of what conservation means and are using flashy tags to deflect this. That seems like it would have been a tough choice to make. I had to have a look on the news and it seems that votes were being held in limbo due to the handling of absentee ballots? Oh dear. 😔

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