New Switchblade, New Outlook


In response to my knock, an old man with a bald head squinted through the windows to see who it was.  Upon recognizing me, he turned the bolt on the lock and cracked the door.

“Josh,” he said, his lips hanging in neutral form.  His face, pale and baggy, gave away that he was a vampire.  “Tuesday handouts ended an hour ago.  I don’t have anything for you now.”

“I don’t want handouts from you anymore,” I said.  I reached inside my pocket and took out my new blade.  “I know what you expect in payment, and I’m not willing to give it to you!”

The vampire tried to close the door on me, but he was weak from lack of blood.  A foot in the door was enough to stop him, and I caught up easily.

“Please, I don’t drink from humans!”

I didn’t listen to the monster.  The blade went to his neck and sliced through the bloodless flesh.

My mission done, I closed the knife back up.

(170 words)


This was written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers #189.  The picture is from Jade M. Wong.

Also, if you’re interested in this type of vampire, stay tuned – I’m gearing up to post a lot more about a world that I created several years ago, including one of my many novels.  It’s not going to be your usual fare, that I can guarantee.

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