10 Unusual Things About Me

I wasn’t officially tagged, but Sophia Ismaa left the invitation open – so here I am, gearing up to tell you some weird junk.  Perhaps you will relate, perhaps get a chuckle, but I assure you that it’s all true.

TMD visual

I painted this.  Not a great artist, but a fun one!

  1. I was always intrigued by ‘milk and cookies’ grandparents on TV.  My grandma just wanted me to sit on their sawblade rug (it was a giant, steel sawblade on the floor, I kid you not) while she talked with dead people in the mirror and my grandpa complained about how he only had a couple years left in him and he just hoped Grandma would die first.
  2. A few years ago, I did beta reading on another site and posted a short story I wrote for others to critique.  I had left the narrating character’s gender purposefully vague, and I wanted to see what readers thought about it.  I was surprised to find most people assumed the character was the gender the reader was. I was also surprised that they also believed I, the author, was their gender even though I used a definitely gender-recognizable name at the time.  I started this blog with a side goal to see what would happen if I kept myself vague, and the same trends seem to apply here as on that little critiquing site.
  3. I was born with extra heart nerves that gives me weird arrhythmias. It’s under control now, but they may become a nuisance again later.
  4. I had extra teeth.  Several of my teeth were pulled, as scheduled, on September 11th, 2001, the day I contracted chicken pox.
  5. I have the ability to lucid dream – i.e. actively control what the main character does during a dream.  I don’t know if this is normal, but I’ve trained myself to look at clocks twice.  If the time is the same or reasonably the same both times I look, it’s real life.  If it’s different or otherwise nonsense, I know it’s a dream and can act with impunity.  I haven’t figured out how to make my brain defeat the physics of the universe the dream started with, though.
  6. In high school, I once purposefully stabbed a guy in the leg with a drafting compass, and I can’t decide if that makes me a supreme nerd or an inimitable badass.
  7. In middle school, I took a different guy down with a single leg followed by a trip, beat his face into the cement, then stood up and told the teacher who saw, “He deserved it” and somehow won with that argument.
  8. A couple years ago, I moved back to North Carolina and started working for one of my former coworkers who’d been very successful.  I reminded him how we met:
    “Hello, I’m H.R.R. Gorman.  What’s your name?”
    “I’m an atheist.  How does that make you feel?”
    “Uh… fine I guess?”
    “I am also communist.  What about that?”
    “I guess that’s ok too-”
    “I am Stalinist!  How about now?”
    “Uh… um… whatever floats your boat?”
    “You’re no fun.” He then stormed out of the room, failing to introduce himself at that time.
    Upon receiving this reminder, he said, “I don’t remember this.  I wouldn’t have done something like that without provocation.”
    “I used to wear a lot of Baptist t-shirts.”
    “Oh.  That would do it.”
  9. I enjoy procuring knowledge about terrible music.  Traditional Korean pansori barely beats out Lemonade by Coco Rosie for the title of “Worst Ever” in my book.
  10. I’ve played a total of 5 paladins in D&D.  It’s my favorite class by a wide margin.

This was originally a tag game, so I suppose I should do so.  However, I am aware of a sense of busy-ness that comes along with the National Novel Writing Month, and I don’t want anyone tagged here to feel obligated to participate.  So, I’m linking front pages rather than posts so no one gets distracted if they don’t want to be.

E. Kathryn – her book is coming out soon!  Woohoo!
Tom Darby – Dude has an interesting life, what can I say?
Marnie Heenan – I know you’re doing NaNo, but maybe this will be something fun to look forward to after

People like Brian from Books of Brian and Alexander Elliot – your sites are professional enough that I wasn’t sure if I should try tagging with something of this personal ilk.  Just know that I’m impressed and wish you the best!

13 thoughts on “10 Unusual Things About Me

  1. Alexander Elliott says:

    I’m not entirely certain anyone really wants to know unusual things about me, but I may give it a try anyway! Based on #’s 6-7, I wish you had been my friend in school – I could have used some bad-ass protection. Loved the list!

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Surprisingly, number 6 was in defense of my cousin. A guy decided that my cousin was gay (he isn’t, but that didn’t matter at the time) and wanted to be mean. My cousin was actually a nice guy, and he was and *is* strongly pacifistic. He didn’t do anything to defend himself, so I got pissed and stabbed the guy.

  2. Sophia Ismaa says:

    Um…. about no. 1: WHAT?!?! Dude… dude… we meant unusual not scare the living daylights out of your readers. 😂
    No. 2: first of all, blown away by your brain. I’m not surprised that people assumed the character to be of their own gender, but I’m not going to lie, I’ve been wondering what your gender is and I don’t want to say anything just in case I offend you or anyone else!

    I will have to admit that when you asked me if my dreams are lucid, I had no idea what lucid meant so I went and looked up the meaning but I got it all wrong and now I’m wondering whether you’re thinking I’m a psychopath who’s engineering her prophetic dreams to create terrifying results. I can confirm that I am not. It is very unusual though that of all the things that is happening in your dreams that you’ve chosen to train yourself to look at the time. That begs the question: why?

    I’m going to be real with you and tell you that no. 6 and 7 makes you a tool unless you had justifiable reasons, of course, and it was self-defence. No hard feelings, I’m sure you don’t go around doing that anymore (I hope!).

    It was fun learning more about you and definitely very unusual too.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Apologies if this was a source of discomfort. I don’t think anything I say now will either assuage or convince, so I will accept my new title of ‘tool’ and hope further interaction proceeds better.

      Prophetic dreams are interesting, and images of the future are so rare and – in many cases – precious. My friend and I once took the end of Thessalonians I seriously and prayed for prophecy. Regardless of our results, I can assure you that truly prophetic dreams are so very valuable and dearly sought. Psychopathy has nothing to do with it.

      Lucid dreaming can help someome with vivid dreams unlock further information from a subconscious mind, is all. It has helped me work out a few issues. I do clocks kind of on accident – it was how I first accomplished the feat, and from then on I just picked up the habit.

      • Sophia Ismaa says:

        I took a look at the rest of the comments after I commented and I didn’t realise or know the story behind it. In all honesty, if that was my friend and someone was being extremely offensive and bullying my friend, I would have been very, very pissed off too and stood up for them.

        I don’t know much about Thessalonians I, but a little google search told me that it believes that the dead will be resurrected prior to the living, if that is correct? I’m not clear as to how sought out it is in present times, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from my dreams it is that no matter how much you might try to stop certain incidents from occurring, they will most likely just occur anyway.

        That’s really cool! I mean, your lucid dreams sounds like level 1 of a game, I guess in a way you really are living your dreams.

  3. joanne the geek says:

    I either play Sorcerers or rangers in D&D. Though I have played a paladin, Bronwyn Ironheart, she was a lot of fun.

    I sometimes wonder what the H in your name stands for. Hank? Herbert? Hugh? Huey?

  4. Natalya Edwards says:

    Ooh interesting list! I don’t know why but no.6 gave me a little chuckle. It might have been the drafting compass part. What an object to pick 😆

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