Witch Stitches Lich


With what color shall I sew his heart up?  He doesn’t seem quite like an orange, certainly not a pink.  Perhaps a red?  A yellow instead?

Blue or green, you suggest?  Why, I couldn’t possibly.  He never had a cool head about him when he was alive, and those colors simply wouldn’t do. You wanted me to make him into a lich, yes?  Something more than a mindless zombie?  Then trust me.  You want to get everything just right, or you’ll throw the personality all out of whack.  You don’t want a lich with the personality of Pantone 448C.

Ah, this is what I was looking for.  A deep red, not quite a maroon.  Somber, polite, yet invigorating.  Let me stitch up the heart, then we’ll move on to select some liver additives…

(131 words)


This was written for FFfAW Number 190.  Thanks to Yarnspinner for providing the prompt photo!

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