Knock at the Gate

Rain fell in Peter’s eyes as he looked to the top of the gate tower.  “I’m just ‘ere to peddle me goods.”

A guard leaned over the ramparts. “You ‘ave?  Why tha puts me in a right spot, don’ it?”  The guard laughed.  “Bug off, peasant.”

“Your orders come from the lord of this castle?  Because the lord God almighty encourages kindness to the poor.”

“You don’t know, do you?  The plague is inside these walls, and mi’lord is dead.”  Thunder rattled the gates.  “I let you in, but gutter dwellers won’t get back out alive.”

Peter swallowed. “I’ll leave.”



This was written for sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #80, Castle.

11 thoughts on “Knock at the Gate

  1. joanne the geek says:

    I’ve been thinking about this one too. I’ve got the situation and the characters but not the story…. Still I wrote a really long story yesterday so I might take a break for a couple of days and dwell on this challenge. Yours was really good by the way 😀

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