The Palm Reader – #Haibun


Hands rest palm up
Eyes interpret lines
Curious, wise

I bite my lip and waited for the witch’s response.  The basement air, heavy with spices and musk, matches the bulky curtains and rugs that hid concrete walls.  The zing of magic tingles between her fingertips and my palms, sending electric thrill into my bones.  Tarot cards sit on either side of my arms, displaying my past, present, and future to all who wish to look.

The witch shows a
Delightful future
I can achieve.


This haibun was written for Colleen Cheseboro’s Tanka Tuesday #110.  I can hardly believe how much my poetry has improved!  I would like to thank everyone who has read and been encouraging for helping me learn to appreciate this art.  Who knows where I’ll be after I’ve done 110 Tanka Tuesdays?!  

Write your own poems and participate in Colleen’s challenges.  I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

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