Broken Seal


“The ground has been upturned.  The seal has been broken!”  The imp hopped on top of the backhoe’s bucket, unseen by the mere humans who walked around the park.  He sniffed the malevolent spring air, nostrils sifting through the allergens.

Once his nose caught a whiff of unholy aura sneaking out through the broken seal, the imp hopped to the ground and brushed away some of the dirt.  He put his grimy hands around the casket’s lid and awakened the dark creature within.

Dracula yawned and patted his toothy maw with the palm of his hand.  “What is the year of our Lord?”


“Oh hell.  Not that year.  Those crazy ladies will suck me dry.”  He got out of his coffin.  “Where’s somewhere I can hide?  A place where I can live in peace?”

The imp rubbed his chin.  “I dunno.  I’d just rent a basement and start blogging on the internet.”

Dracula smiled and followed the imp away from the crypt. “So how do I get blood from ‘blogging on the internet?'”

(172 words)


Thanks to wildverbs for providing this photo to the FFfAW challenge this week!  I thought this one was hard because it was so clear what was going on in the photo.  See you all around!

10 thoughts on “Broken Seal

  1. Tom Darby says:

    This is great, though I’m not sure if it’s me trying to suck the blogging world dry or if the blogging world is sucking me dry. I got a real belly-laugh out of this story. Thank you, H.R.R.!!!

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Pretty sure it’s the blogging world sucking you dry. I love the idea of interacting with other people with the same interests, but I find in practice it’s draining. If you miss one day of blogging or fail to interact in the right ways even once, people start forgetting about you – and I find that weird and stressful.

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