Stuff I’m Reading in December

For the first time on this blog, I’m reading an entire trilogy right in a row.  I wanted to challenge myself in more ways than one, and this is what I came up with:

Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy

Ultimately a utopic trilogy about the settlement and subsequent terraforming of Mars, this series is widely touted for its scientific accuracy and thought as well as the sheer scope of the series.  Even the Wiki page admits that the series takes place over about 200 years and includes viewpoints from multiple characters of several generations.

And that’s not all, folks – these books are all big.  Red Mars and Blue Mars appear to be similar size, for sure, and I can’t rightly tell with Green Mars because the page size from its printing edition is so different. All together, based off the website, I’ll be reading about 720,000 words.

So stay tuned as I pilfer through a massive trilogy that was highly awarded, highly touted, and an extremely well researched book.

Also… my major deadline at work is TODAY, just about an hour before this was scheduled to be posted.  I will be more available soon!

Note: The Green Mars cover is different because my library had a first printing edition for it.  The covers you see were the editions I actually read.  Just so it’s clear, the order the books should be read in is Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars.

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