Writing on the Wall

I washed the filthy language from the overpass.  I swear, the internet is ruining today’s youth and ruining hearts and minds.

A the driver crossing the overpass rolled down his window.  A man pointed at my pressure washer then asked, “Ain’t leaning over the side there dangerous?”

“State don’t like swastikas on the overpass.  Obvious reasons.”

“Looks mighty dangerous to me.  Wouldn’t want to fall, would you?”

I caught the threat in his voice, and turned down the pressure washer.   As he drove off, I took down his tag number.

Adults these days… rotting the minds of the youth.

female portrait mural painting on concrete wall


This was written for the Carrot Ranch Prompt, Graffiti!  I love North Carolina more than you could realize, but the Old North State has sometimes found difficulties with racist propaganda, including graffiti.  That inspired this tale about removing emblems of evil and how, sometimes, the blame for corrupt actions is placed on the wrong person.

7 thoughts on “Writing on the Wall

  1. Jade M. Wong says:

    I like the idea of fighting hate by erasing the symbols of hate, like the swastikas and other similar forms of graffiti. And your last line is exceptionally powerful: adults rotting the minds of youth…in a way that’s accurate. :/

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      The passing of information and cultural lore between generations interests me. Like, how did something as terrible as Nazism start making any sort of comeback? Where did older people fail when they were suffusing information to the young? Ah, I wax too long!

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