Remember Lot’s Wife

“Remember Lot’s wife?” Lance asked.  He rolled the wire cord out, taking careful steps as he laid it on the ground.  “God turned her to salt for lookin’ back.”

“That was Sodom and Gomorra, though, not the bowlin’ alley. You suppose God’d saltify us if we just take a last couple throws?” Despite his reluctance, Drew placed the charge mechanism on the ground and fed in Lance’s wire.

Lance sat down behind the blast shield. “Dunno ’bout that.  Place coulda been full of sin.”

Drew nodded. “Boss’ll be mad even if God isn’t. Help me run the final checks.”

ancient antique archaeology architecture

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This was written for the January 3rd Carrot Ranch prompt – looking back.

Update on the wisdom teeth: trying not to get addicted to opioids, so I’m suffering through on ibuprofen right now. I still can’t feel my lips and part of my tongue, which is weird, and my mouth is so swollen I can hardly talk or eat.


18 thoughts on “Remember Lot’s Wife

  1. Jules says:

    I had both of my only two wisdom teeth removed… I do not remember the process or the pain.
    But I’m sure you can endure some pain and not get ‘hooked’ –
    Distract yourself by writing more wonderful stories. Pain is just one way the body lets us know we are healing. I’m not a doctor, but maybe acupuncture could help?

    I had a disc in my neck shift one year. Couldn’t stand, sit or lay down. It seemed like I was in pain forever. But at the time physical therapy helped. Not sure how that could apply to the mouth 🙂
    Use straws and drink vitamin supplemented stuff. Keep hydrated so your body can heal.

    Ah… the story… hard to look back sometimes. Thanks for your visit. I like haibun because the haiku wherever it ends up in the piece (though usually at the end) can be a nice way to sum things up. 🙂

    Sending you healing vibes!!

  2. Charli Mills says:

    Oh, no, H.R.R.! Tooth pain is inescapable when it comes to roost. No wonder your flash portrays both a concept to blow something up and a conversation about the ramifications of watching. Talk to your doctor/dentist about pain management strategies that are non-opioid. There are other choices to get you some relief. Hang in there.

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