Angel’s Wings

I stared in awe at her youthful beauty.  The wings on her back were radiant alabaster, and she wore a white polka dot dress.

She reached a hand to my chin, tender fingers whispering across my skin. Her smile lured me closer, and I looked more intently at her wings.  What I had thought were white feathers were instead the skins of white lab mice, red eyes stabbed out and innards gone.

At a flap of her wings, dry, powdery dust of bird flu and plague filled the air.

Pestilence, my beauty, my girl in the polka dot dress.

white angel illustration


This wasn’t written for anything, but I think my ‘normal’ prompt schedule is going to need to shift around because my Mondays are ending up sadly bereft.  If it’s something you care about, you can expect this week to finish out as mentioned in my Goals for 2019, but starting next week, I’ll be doing: 

Sunday: CountVlad
Monday: Book Review
Tuesday: FFfAW
Wednesday: Tanka Tuesday
Thursday: Whatever I want
Friday: Carrot Ranch
Saturday: Weekend Writing Prompt

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