Indie Book Review: Songs of Heartstrings

Miriam Hurdle let me know about her recent publication, Songs of Heartstrings.  I purchased this, my first book of poetry, so I could proudly present a review.  I’m not sure I can astutely review poetry, but here goes an attempt!

The Book

Songs of Heartstrings41dgiMtCq2BL
Author: Miriam Hurdle
Published in 2018
Published through Kindle
Amazon Link

This was an enjoyable book.  I envision Miriam Hurdle as a modern psalmist, one who may not be a shepherd of sheep but still has a deep connection with creation and her creator.  This book of songs and tales has incredible richness and something for everyone.  Whether you’re in need for uplifting messages, comfort in times of trouble, or celebration of life, Hurdle has you covered.

Overall Review

As I read through many of these poems, I had a feeling like I was reading the book of Psalms.  Miriam is a fitting Psalmist, I’d say – her zest for life and ability to see the Creator in all things is admirable and amazing.  While I felt like I’d known her through her posts and comments, reading this book made me feel like I was intimately connected with he author.

And Miriam Hurdle, I dare say, is someone everyone should know.

If you enjoy poetry or want to be inspired, this is a great set of poetry.  I read the poems one or two a day (sometimes I’d cheat) and try to soak them in.  I don’t know if this is the way I was supposed to enjoy it, but I think it worked for me.

Also a hint: there are some photos in this.  I can’t comment too much on them because I have an old Kindle that didn’t show them in good quality.  If you want full effect, go for a newer Kindle or take a look at the pictures on the browser reader.

5/5 Discoball Snowcones

5 Discoball Snowcones

Review of a Few Select Poems

A Tiny Spider

This reminded me of a poem I had to analyze in high school English by Robert Frost.  It was delicate, curious, and patient.  One of my favorites in the book.

Light and Dark

I don’t know if it was purposeful typesetting or if it was just because I have an old-ass Kindle, but the word ‘light’ was offset in every stanza it appeared. This seemed so odd, and it made a chilling effect for the entire poem.  While the poem ended happily and gave a hopeful ending for the main character (Miriam), the way it twirled through her story was so heavy, scary, and tiring.  The Songs of Healing section was already heavy, and this was a perfect cap for that.

Beautiful Tiny Baby

Pregnancy or babies aren’t things I usually can relate to, but I still thought Miriam’s tale about her own experiences were very poignant.  I felt like they were appropriate, hopeful, and loving.  I don’t usually get that feeling when I read about children or childbirth, so I thought this was a poem to point out.

RIP Randy

This wasn’t a poem, but one of the few prose portions of the book.  This guy had to be a Grade A dude – I mean, he helped his ex’s mother as she became old and infirm.  Who in the world does that?  Only someone who has a freaking heart of gold.  This remembrance of Randy was so poignant that I felt I’d missed out by never knowing him.

Loved and Missed

This poem, about witnessing a woman upset over her dead dog, got me.  It reminded me of a dog close to my heart – Spud the Pomeranian – who had died when I was in high school.  This poem ended with abruptness that was simultaneously fitting and gut-wrenching.

Next week:

The final installation of Alexander Elliot’s Galactic Neighborhood trilogy is coming!  Stay tuned for Exploration!

15 thoughts on “Indie Book Review: Songs of Heartstrings

      • Miriam Hurdle says:

        You’re welcome. Thank you for willing to read my poetry. I’m flattered by your review. When I get home after the travel, I’ll have a 7-day blog tour of my book. Each day is hosted by a different blogger. I’ll write the entire post and the bloggers will copy and paste on their blogs. I’ll use some reviews as introduction to my book. Your review will be featured on one of the days!! I’ll send you the link!!

  1. Alexander Elliott says:

    They say it’s good for us to read things outside of our comfort zone – so hat’s off to you, brave man! I’m going to try doing the same thing this year and see if I can broaden my horizons a bit – maybe some good biographies for a change.

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