Front Porch Sittin’

working-template-for-ff-challenges95Master’s shaded
By colonnades.
I pour sweet tea
And lemonade.

But just last night
My mama crept
From field slave house
To where I slept.

“Take this,” she said,
Offering a bag.
Inside was a hex
Cast on heart of stag.

“Hush honeychild,”
My mother cried.
“Crush this heart and
Your daddy’ll die.”

I pour the tea
In nice tall glass.
I think about
What mama asked.

Master sits in
Colonnade’s shade
Beckons me stay
For ‘work’ unpaid.

I squeeze the heart.
From shady spot
My master drops
To Hell so hot.


This is a first – I wrote a poem for the Carrot Ranch Challenge for January 17th, Colonnades.  I must say that, as a Southerner, I simply had to go this route.  If you’re interested in more tales that look at the peculiar evils of the South, check out The Dark Netizen’s ‘Pillars.’

14 thoughts on “Front Porch Sittin’

  1. Charli Mills says:

    I hadn’t thought of southern colonnades and I find both your flash and The Dark Netizen’s powerful treatment of the peculiar evil that existed in the shadows of white pillars. What a powerful story your poem relates. And great to see writers building off of each other’s ideas, to expand what can be said.

  2. Jules says:

    There is power in architectural structure and in the belief of both heaven and hell.
    Some say today isn’t all that much different in regards to the treatment of different people.
    We can only hope karma plays fair.

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