Master of the Sea


A slender hand helped him spew water from his lungs.  “It is good you lived, but I’m afraid your countrymen died.”  Her queenly presence was clothed in radiant stones from the ocean, her hair glistened with sea mist.

She had a fin in place of legs and loose webs between long fingers.

“She was a good ship… and my friends were good sailors.” The man shook as tears welled in his eyes.

“Before the storm, you said you were masters of the sea?”

“Why not?  His Majesty’s navy is the world’s finest.”

She flicked her tail and swam away.


This was written for the Carrot Ranch prompt, ‘sea mist.’  I thought it was such a calm, poetic prompt, so I had to turn it into something about colonization and naval supremacy.  Mer-folk used to laugh at our clumsy ships, but now the coral and ocean life is dying thanks to climate change, looks like we both lose!

23 thoughts on “Master of the Sea

  1. Charli Mills says:

    H.R.R. you caught the right tone of hubris to your tale. I couldn’t help but think the cruel joke is on the mer-folk — men have proved to be the masters of the sea when it comes to destruction.

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