#CountVlad – On Humidity


i am guest author on h.r.r. gorman’s page – count vlad dracula tepes

this past week i experienced something called a heat wave.  it got up to 80 degrees on thursday and that was very weird for february.  im used to transylvania weather where it is cold much longer.

but what i really didnt expect was the humidity.

sure, my skin is nice now, but my lungs feel like they are drowning.  its like breathing in soup.  ive heard that this area of the world becomes like soup every summer and im not sure thats going to be doable.

i can also hear frogs ribbitting from these drainage ponds and the incessant noise is killing me.  the birds thousands and thousands of birds chirp all morning and try to wake me from my beauty sleep.  i have mentioned before that summer is already hard in its own merit but now i think its going to become insufferable.

please send me some dessicant and a dehumidifier.


Count Vlad Dracula Tepes was invited against H.R.R. Gorman’s best interest, but he swears that anti-vampire racism will one day come back to literally bite us all.  Not one to rock the boat, H.R.R. Gorman set Dracula up with this limited WordPress blogging account.   

Dracula doesn’t like typing, looking at computer screens, or garlic.  He enjoys dark sunsets, nights out on the town, and type O+. 

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