The Damp Flat at the Bottom of the Steps


I was only joking,
But he didn’t think so.
I said I’d stop poking,
But he knew I won’t.

The day was bright, clear,
Not rainy like I’d expect
When someone held so dear
Marches away, up the steps.

Where will he go now?
He’s left my damp flat
Because of a dumb row.
Perhaps he’ll turn ’round?

I want to give him chase,
But I’d accomplish naught.
His memory I’ll just erase.
If I can.  If I may.


This was written for the Crimson’s Creative Challenge prompt #16 as part of my series of posts to spotlight some newer prompts that deserve more love.  Crimson’s prompts are weekly photo prompts, and I’ve seen that Crimson is highly active around the WP world.  Totally give this blog a follow and give this prompt a try!

14 thoughts on “The Damp Flat at the Bottom of the Steps

  1. Sophia Ismaa says:

    Whew. A lot to pack here. There seems to be too many angles to consider that one cannot simply form an opinion. What is the dumb row? Is it subjectively dumb? But not objectively dumb? But can things even be objectively dumb? Only if they’re outside the law. So many variables.

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