Carve the Cake

candy chocolate sweet cake

The cake melted like butter beneath his carving knife. He chiseled through the icing and fondant, into the raspberry jam and vanilla center.

“What did you wish for, Pop-pop?”

Pop-pop gave the granddaughter a toothless smile.  Though his eyes were clouded from cataracts and his body now feeble, he put the knife to the table smoothly and handed his “little pet” a slice of cake.  “If I tell you, will you promise to make it come true?”


“I wished to share another cake with you next year, sweetie.”  He pinched her cheeks and cut another slice of cake.


 Besides being my normal Carrot Ranch Friday, it just so happens that today – March 15th, 2019 – is Andrew Jackson’s 252nd birthday.  I celebrated by making gold half-eagle cookies (which you don’t get a picture of because I should be a contestant on ‘nailed it’ and they’re terrible) and finishing this month’s reading.

Fun fact: Jackson did have a grandaughter, Rachel, who he loved dearly and called his “little pett” in letters because he couldn’t spell for shit.  He lived to see many more birthdays than literally anyone expected he would.  In fact, he’d lived through so many things he shouldn’t, that people started asking him for medical advice.  Ol’ Dr. Jackson would prescribe his patients thing like melting brown sugar in a brandy fire then mixing it all together and drinking it, dissolving mercury chloride in warm milk and drinking it before bed, or even performing surgery on yourself (which he had done).  Many people continued to vote for him long after he died.

So please, have a pleasant day!  Enjoy freedom, peace, prosperity, and all that you may have with you.

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14 thoughts on “Carve the Cake

  1. Charli Mills says:

    I laughed at your description of Old Hickory’s spelling. He might have been that awesome of a grandparent. He lived so long on sheer will. Hope your cookies tasted better than you said they looked!

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