Serenade to the Kiwi – #Shadorma


Day breaks bright

While they serenade

Foreign god.

Do you fear

Foreign gods more than your own?

Can thoughts and prayers save?


A cruel

Man with gun and hate

Denied them

Mortal coil

Because their songs upset him.

Does your god not care?


What cruel

Deity now smiles

At this shame?

So I cry

Out thoughts and prayers to save me

From man’s cruelty.


This was written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #128, Sing and Spring.  My synonyms are bolded.

I have been wanting to respond to the cruelty and racism in the New Zealand shootings, but so far I’ve lived vicariously through Joanne the Geek’s post and some NPR.  As a Christian American, I feel that my opinion should be expressed – to help with my grief for fellow people – but not sought in this matter.

One thing I couldn’t fit in my poem was the fact that the Christian God, who happens to be my God, is still a ‘foreign god’ to most believers.  Unless a Christian is a descendant of Jewish people, they are believing a foreign god. The fear of foreignness itself seems ironic to me, but perhaps I’m not looking at this in the way a white supremacist shithead would.

So have as good a day as possible.


P.S. Computer issues may slow my ability to read or respond to stuff today.  I’m not ignoring you on purpose!

11 thoughts on “Serenade to the Kiwi – #Shadorma

  1. joanne the geek says:

    I do find it strange since all religions I know of talk of the connections between us all, that we’re all sisters and brothers.

    All religions speak of being religions of peace and yet seem to be the cause, or at least the justification, of some of the most bloodiest violence we see in our world… *sigh*

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      It is unfortunate. I don’t think it can be stopped – which makes me mad. It’s this tribalism bullshit that people associate with and convince themselves a god or God is ok with.

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