Sensors detected an anomaly a thousand astronomical units off the port side.  “What is it?” asked the captain.

The science officer keyed instructions on her computer.  “Unknown.   Sir, we are a warship on our way to defend the borders.  We should just log the anomaly.”

“We may find something to break the Varkans’ impervious shields.  To the anomaly!”

Upon approach, the officers saw only an animal that generated a strange radio signal apparently used for entertainment.  The animal walked on two legs and had hair on its head.

“Nothing to see here,” the captain announced.  “Helmsman, to the front!”


This was written for the Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #98, Impervious.

17 thoughts on “Anomaly

  1. Jules says:

    hmm… some times what we ignore can come back and bite us in an inconvenient sitting area.
    Maybe you should get Count Vlad to visit that ship? But then they might not have 0+ blood…

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