The Devil and Some Deals

male and female signage on wall

“You let me screw with Job,” the Devil said to God, “Let me take away any gender-determination.”

God nodded.  “Go for it, man.”

The Devil clicked clawed fingers, and bathroom signs became unreadable.  Gender reveal parties ended with green colors.  Identification cards lost a few M’s and F’s.  The ability to think that way didn’t come back.

But, to the Devil’s horror, long-seated problems went away.  Men’s fashion finally eclipsed Beau Brummell, and women could finally choose the veil or not.  The two sexes and everyone outside and in between no longer guarded their supposed uniqueness.

“Lol,” said God.


This was written for the April 18th Carrot Ranch Prompt, gender.  As a good Southerner, I grew up believing pretty strict definitions of male and female.  Since becoming an adult, though, I’ve moved away from that ideal, but I continue to worry that God didn’t.  So I wrote the above, hoping that this is ok with God.  🙂

Also I recently saw a Twitter rant and learned who Beau Brummell was.

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22 thoughts on “The Devil and Some Deals

  1. Jules says:

    Many believe that A) God is genderless or both and B) God could be a Woman.
    So I don’t think that She would mind such an excellent post! 😉

  2. Charli Mills says:

    I’m rethinking gender politics as “messin’ with Job.” A brilliant take on the prompt with a hip modern view on the book of Job. Interesting to learn more about the original dandy, too.

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