Pomade and Mom’s Flowers

teal platform stilettos

I combed the pomade through my hair and styled it to give that ‘bump’ at the front, just like Elvis.  Mom came up behind me, straightened my bow-tie.  “Miss Shirley will be impressed.”

My heart fluttered.  “You cut those flowers, Ma?”

“Vase on the kitchen table.”  She gave me a peck.  “There.  You can’t say no one’s kissed you today.”

“Ew, Ma-”

A horn honked outside.  She was here.  I rushed down the stairs, grabbed Ma’s flowers, and flew outside.  I hurried to her car.  “Hello, Shirley!”

She rolled down the window and pointed to the drivers’ seat. “Hope you don’t mind Dad chaperoning?”


This 50’s tale was brought to you by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #102impress.  I’m not even really sure why I came up with this one, and honestly the 1950’s scare the absolute bejeesus out of me.  Put a horror movie in the 50’s, and I’m ready to scream.

Anyway, hope you liked the story!  Join in the prompt if you can!

22 thoughts on “Pomade and Mom’s Flowers

  1. Hélène - Willow Poetry says:

    Reminded me of those days, young teenager then. It wasn’t that bad but definitely a mixed up stage. That is a great little story you wrote.

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