April Storm – #Tanka

island during golden hour and upcoming storm

First storm of the year,
Crashing thunder, roaring hail.
The dog tucks his tail.
Sounds like a train in my ears –
Hide in basement, in fear.


Ah, my weekly poetry fix will have a different flavor until the end of the month!  Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday is on a well-deserved Sabbatical, but she still encourages weekly syllabic poems.

On Friday, we had our first big storm of the year, and what a doozy!  There were tornadoes in other part of the state, and the tornado warnings got pretty intense there for a while.  The sky turned that odd color it does right before a tornado, and hail fell.  But nothing happened, and we’re ok! 🙂

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

18 thoughts on “April Storm – #Tanka

  1. We had some of that… I think more is due this afternoon – to ruin a perfectly good charity golf outing…
    Glad you and yours are OK! Supposedly we are in for another wet summer in these parts.

      1. Looks like for your area or at least generally your state the rain is supposed to start at 3pm – My area has a Tornado watch from about now until 9 pm. We had some overnight rain, overcast sky this morning, but it cleared up enough for me to run some errands. The wind is moving the tree branches outside my window…

        Stay safe!

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