April Storm – #Tanka

island during golden hour and upcoming storm

First storm of the year,
Crashing thunder, roaring hail.
The dog tucks his tail.
Sounds like a train in my ears –
Hide in basement, in fear.


Ah, my weekly poetry fix will have a different flavor until the end of the month!  Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday is on a well-deserved Sabbatical, but she still encourages weekly syllabic poems.

On Friday, we had our first big storm of the year, and what a doozy!  There were tornadoes in other part of the state, and the tornado warnings got pretty intense there for a while.  The sky turned that odd color it does right before a tornado, and hail fell.  But nothing happened, and we’re ok! 🙂

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

18 thoughts on “April Storm – #Tanka

  1. Jules says:

    We had some of that… I think more is due this afternoon – to ruin a perfectly good charity golf outing…
    Glad you and yours are OK! Supposedly we are in for another wet summer in these parts.

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