A Carpenter in the Woods


A twinkle caught the little girl’s eye. She followed the glowing spirit, then chased another once the first burned away. The trail of spirits brought her to a tree that glowed with the same spectral energy.

Feeling suddenly compelled, she sat by the tree, unable to tear her gaze from it.

The tree whispered, “Are you the woodsman’s daughter?”

She nodded.

“Your father built a special house using my child’s body as material.” The bright knot glared more intensely. “Did you know I’m equally skilled at construction?”

She shook her head no.

“Then watch the bright light… good girl…”


This is a very different kind of prompt entry.  The Aethereal Engineer prompts are submitted through a comment and, since the site-runner chooses one story to professionally put onto the picture, I thought it perhaps unfair to make my own post first.   The above was my entry to the contest – and what a contest!  Everyone, the Aethereal Engineer prompts have a REAL prize!  Everyone should give this an attempt at least once!

The winner of the picture above was not me (I didn’t even come in second place, haha!), so you can go here to enjoy the winning story and click on some links to find the prompt!

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