Reading List – May 2019

As part of my goal to read and finish more series this year, I’m embarking on a quest.  A sacred quest that includes:

Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch Trilogy

You all might have seen my praise for the amazing, fantastic Ancillary Justice on this blog before.  Despite this, however, I haven’t found the time to get in the other two books in this series.  This month, I’m going to fix that mistake.

First, I’m going to re-read Ancillary Justice.  That way, I can jump into the other two books without having forgotten everything since I last read the amazing first installation.  However, you already know how I feel about this book, so the review isn’t going to be terribly interesting unless you want details. The book totally deserves all the awards and praise it gets.

Online reviews for the other two books, while still overwhelmingly positive, don’t seem quite so vehemently gung-ho as they were for Justice.  Other people I know who’ve finished the series seem to agree with this assessment.  Even so, anyone who writes that first book can’t have written absolute garbage to finish the story, so I’m very excited.


Ancillary Justice Review

Ancillary Sword Review

Ancillary Mercy Review


Do you write books and sell them in a non-sketchy fashion, such as through Amazon? If so, shoot me a line – I would love to read your book!  If I choose your book, I will always purchase it since I do not want to be beholden to the author when I leave reviews.

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