Kelly and Sandrias

old couple walking while holding hands

“I’m sorry,” Kelly told her beloved, “But I can’t help you plow.” She cupped a wrinkled hand over his elven ears. Her old face failed to match his youthful skin.

Sandrias shook his head. “I didn’t mean for you to.”

“Will you still remember me when you finally get old?”

“Of course.” He held her hand. “I’m jealous of humans. You experience life so fast, then move on to the next life together.”

“You could have fallen in love with an elf,” Kelly offered.

“I could have – but I’ve loved every stage of our lives together, including this one.”


This was written for this week’s Carrot Ranch Prompt, growing old.  I play a buttload of D&D, and one of the concepts that intrigues me is half-elves, because I don’t see how an elf’s maturity would be timed well enough with a human’s maturation. I personally think elf-human love would be difficult to achieve, but you know, whatever.

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25 thoughts on “Kelly and Sandrias

  1. joanne the geek says:

    Elf-Human love is something I think about as well (and currently vampire-human love). Tolkien thought about it too, hence the bittersweet love stories of Beren/Luthien and Aragorn/Arwen. To an elf (especially if they’re immortal ones) a human life would be very brief to them, they may not even get to know them properly…

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      Yeah. It’s a sad fate, in many ways. Something I think is hard for a human to ever write about or grasp is how a person with hundreds of years of life experience must feel/think. We can’t imagine that, not really, so they all end up being 50-60 year olds at best.

  2. crimsonprose says:

    I smiled at the read, and at your comment.
    Although the *Asars* that feature in *The Spinner’s Game quint* aren’t elves per se, they do share certain qualities, i.e. longevity. And some do get entangled with mortals. So I’m keenly aware of the problems created. Though for anyone looking for long-term serial monogamy, it’s ideal.

  3. Chelsea Owens says:

    I’ve often thought they’d try to make it last; maybe look into longevity for the human as well….
    It’s a sad idea in the end, but I also consistently liked playing half-elves. Those had to come from somewhere. 🙂

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