Bubble Bubble – #writephoto


Don’t summon weird girls

Or have fortune told.

They’ll tell you bent tales

From their wooden souls.

Wicker women they,

Casting spells of old,

Summon dreadful haunts

And kings’ lives remold.

Critique not his pride –

Fault the coven fold

For her unclean hands

And his grim parole.


Because of the way my week’s scheduling works, I have never done one of the famous #writephoto prompts. This week, I thought the picture prompt was too interesting to ignore, so I decided to shove Count Vlad out of the way.  Thanks to Sue Vincent for these lovely pictures!

Moreover, this poem is about Macbeth, my 100%, no doubt favorite Shakespeare play.

20 thoughts on “Bubble Bubble – #writephoto

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      I just always thought the three weird sisters in Macbeth had such an interesting role. Because of the way witches were envisioned back in the day, I always wondered how Macbeth’s ambition ended up being declared the main cause of his fall instead of the prophecy itself.

      Also, I loved the Disney cartoon “Gargoyles,” which had a lot of Shakespearean influences – ESPECIALLY from Macbeth.

      • Jules says:

        I remember that cartoon… “Gargoyles’… But I do not have enough background in Shakespeare to know.

        Prophecy is an odd ball of wax isn’t it?

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