Ice, Ice Everywhere, But Nary a Place to Skate


Fourchad took the first step on planet Khione, entirely blanketed with ice, ripe for exploitation. They’d melt the ice and create water for the colony.

Brevard scraped a sample of the ice into her scanner. “Something’s not right.”

“What is it?”

“Water has unique physical properties – the weight of your body should add enough pressure to turn the ice into water and cause you to slip.”

Fourchad’s heart skipped a beat. “If it’s not ice, what is it?”

“Scanner says carbon dioxide. Dry ice.”

Wind chilled their hearts and the dead planet. They didn’t have the fuel to leave.


This was written for the May 23rd Carrot Ranch Promptno ice.

This was based on a chemical engineering practice test I once took.  Suffice to say this is about water’s physical properties and the weird slope of the solid/liquid line on the PT diagram. Carbon dioxide, dry ice, won’t melt due to pressure, so you won’t slip on it.


14 thoughts on “Ice, Ice Everywhere, But Nary a Place to Skate

  1. Jules says:

    oooh… time to get creative with the available resources.
    Though I don’t know much about dry ice.
    I’ve seen it make Ice Cream quickly on cooking shows.

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