Thank You!

candy chocolate sweet cake

When I arrive home
Despite work to do,
I’ll sit and write tomes
While thinking of you.

Thank you, blogging friends,
For cheering me on!
I’ve made dividends,
Grown my writing brawn!

So stay tuned, my peeps,
For stuff going down.
I’m so getting heaps
Of thoughts for us clowns.


Oooh, what could I be talking about?!  Stay tuned for some cool updates to the blog and writing life.  Thursday’s going to be a big day!

This post is also to commemorate all the relationships and friends I’ve made over a year(ish) of blogging.  My choice to keep the blog real and natural has been hard and involved a lot of time, but I think I really appreciate having better connections than having thousands of followers.  However, I recently hit the 500 follower mark, and 600 isn’t too far away!

If you feel like your blog is flagging, keep going.  I’m rooting you on, just like tons of people helped me get to where I am now.

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16 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Jules says:

    I used to have 4 blogs – I’m down to one. So much more manageable. And I am thrilled to know you and your writing. I think we met through Carrot Ranch. And so too does that community grow.

    Now I’ll have to stay ‘tuned’! Continued success and Thank You!

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