Information Superhighway


Information flows

Through gates yes and no.

Mercurial thoughts

From teenagers taught

To glean likes and shares

Then with friends compare

Fruits of their labors,

Zings sharp as sabres.

To human misdeeds

Our freedoms concede

And internet feeds.

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This was written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #108Mercurial.

20190525_Community Hands_Instructions

20 thoughts on “Information Superhighway

  1. Theresa Henige says:

    I know very little about poetry, so I can’t comment about meter or similar things, but I can say that this poem conjures up images of a monster slowly devouring its unknowing minions. Great imagery.

  2. Jules says:

    I have enough ‘issues’ with real bodies so I stay away from most internet social media with a ten foot pole. I was listening to a radio show where a woman got shamed… Though she admitted that at the time she might have been a tad off kilter there wasn’t any reason for the other person to video the event. The woman had to change jobs and move and is still haunted by that unwitting “15” minutes of ‘fame’.

    I was checking my email this morning and found that a friend’s email may be compromise as the email was in my spam section. Not going to even touch that either. But I will pass along a message to her that she may have some future trouble.

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