Remember The 80’s


Let’s build a place
That’s perfect.
It has
Gated reverb,
Hair metal,
New wave.
No tech distracts
From our friends
Or fam.

Let’s build a place,
An idyll,
A dream,
Based on a past
That didn’t
Anywhere but
In our heads
And hearts.

Let’s build a place
Without the
Bad stuff.
Forget crises,
Ditch sadness,
Leave pain.
No AIDS, racism,
Trickle down,
Cold war.

Let’s build a place.
Recreate time
And pure
An ordered time
With new wave,
Not hate.

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This was written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #109, idyll.  This look into the past was inspired by Chris Molanphy of Slate’s most recent Hit Parade podcast about Phil Collins and Genesis.  What could be more 80’s nostalgia?

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27 thoughts on “Remember The 80’s

  1. Alexander Bjørn says:

    Never lived in the 80s, but I have to say the 80s nostalgia move is quite odd to me considering what I understand the 80s to have been like. Sure crime rates were dropping and the Cold War was ending, but the fruits of the 80s I think really didn’t appear until the 90s.

    Loved the poem though. I like that you included the bad parts- let’s feel good about the past in spite of what was there.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      I find the 80’s nostalgia thing to be very weird. At the same time, I think nostalgia is a common thing, and people always look back to a time that was ‘simpler.’ Before technology exploded and the internet got on the scene, I would guess life was so different – and I bet a lot of people look back and wish for the time before that change.

  2. crimsonprose says:

    Gosh; I’m not laying guilt on you but that is perfection, now all my inspiration is drained out of me.
    Ho-hum, now I’ll have to consult the fairies.
    Yea, in case I’ve not said it, I like. 🙂

  3. Alexander Elliott says:

    Love the sentiment here. The older I get, the better past decades seem to look! An awful lot happened to shape my life in the 80’s, and not all of it good to be sure. Since do-overs are not allowed, learning from our mistakes may be the best we can do.

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      True! And really, what’s wrong with nostalgia? Just because bad things happened during a time in our lives, why not enjoy the good?

      I wasn’t alive in the 80’s, but I appreciate how important it was for many people. I wonder if I’ll feel this way about the 90’s or 00’s when I get a little older?

  4. Jules says:

    The 80’s were when my children were born. I was consumed by new motherhood.
    I don’t remember news headlines so much. I didn’t get all that much sleep in the 1980’s.

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