The Lavender Witch

lavender flower field

I’ve farmed lavender for uncountable years; witches live a long time, after all.  The quality of my lavender eclipses ordinary varieties – even mortals love my cultivars.  I can make a powerful sleep potion from the oils of my blossoms.  I could teach you, but mortality is precious – don’t waste it on sleep magic.  Don’t waste it at all.

Like I said, witches live a long time, but not forever.  I love you, child of man, and I want to give you the lavender farm when I pass.  Bury me beneath the tree in my fields, and I will rest easy.


This was written for Joanne the Geek’s Flash Fiction Challenge #5magic. The prompt word is in bold.


27 thoughts on “The Lavender Witch

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      I can’t drink coffee either – I have heart issues that mean caffeine is a no-go.

      The prompt was actually the word ‘magic,’ and I found the picture to match it after I wrote the story. I think I came up with the story because I have an unfinished novel about a southern witch who makes a potion to resurrect a Union soldier as a zombie sitting somewhere on my hard drive.

  1. gordon759 says:

    Portland Castle, built in 1539, has many ghosts, one of which is the Lavander Lady. Climbing the narrow stairs you will suddenly smell lavander. The scent is very localised, step up or down by a single stair and the smell vanishes. People with you might not smell it, and when they smell lavander you might not.
    No one knows who the lavander lady is, but I lilke to think she might be the mother of the ghost children who run and play on the upper floor, as I said there are many ghosts in Portland Castle.

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