Blind Faith – Flash Fiction Challenge

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The Story So Far… 

Vessix accepted her parents’ plans to sacrifice her to the gods after her father lost the vein of gold in the family’s small mine, since a blind person couldn’t support herself in their society. They left her at the temple where all the ill and infirm waited for the gods to come eat them, and Vessix remained at the altar with an ancient, dying man. Late that night, when the door to the temple unlocked and jangled open, the local god entered and ate the man who lay dying, but spared Vessix on the grounds that blindness wasn’t a death sentence. It took her home, gave her breakfast, clothes, a place to sleep, and a psychic duck as a pet. Now the duck urges her to escape and proclaim the god as false to the people of the town – will Vessix listen to the duck’s heretical words, or will she search for real truth? Stay tuned to find out!


This was written for Joanne the Geek’s Flash Fiction Challenge: The Story So Far, which has to contain a duck!  My story so far is based off a story I started but quit. The reason I quit was because it relied too heavily on Wizards of the Coast (D&D) copyrighted property, and it was destructive enough that I could even get in trouble for it as a fanfic. So I quit because I literally couldn’t share it. Still, this summary doesn’t contain those elements, but it does contain a duck!

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23 thoughts on “Blind Faith – Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. crimsonprose says:

    But after the god hasn’t eaten her … no, she couldn’t be so wicked as to spread lies. Though folks do. But it’s a fantasy, not true to life. (And before you say it, yes, I know)

  2. Chelsea Owens says:

    Who knew a duck could add a philosophical element?

    …too bad about the Wizards of the Coast story. I’ll bet it’s brilliant. As a side question related to that, have you read Tracy Hickman?

  3. Jules says:

    Now this is the beginnings of a Fairy Tale! My fait accopmli was just fiction 😉
    Maybe you could add links to the pages of the story or create a page for them…?

    • H.R.R. Gorman says:

      I’ve written this story, but the problem is it has a lot of WotC intellectual property. I don’t think I can post it, because I know the company is very specific about what they’ll let slide as fan-work, and mine *definitely* doesn’t fit the bill. So it’s probably not going to be put up anywhere.

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